Watch Repairs – Casio, G Shock, Baby G, Pro Trek, Edifice

Watches Online Australia is able to have your watch repaired for you.

Most common repairs required are just batteries and pressure testing or band replacements. Whatever is required we can arrange to have it repaired and returned to you as quickly as we can.

Please click here to email us with your contact details, model number off the back of the watch (it will be letter(s) followed by numbers i.e. DW6900 or GA110 or similar) and colour (if applicable i.e. band colour, case colour etc) and we will be more than happy to follow up on the availability, time frame and cost estimate for your repair or part.

Most repairs take around 3 weeks to complete and return to you. Parts are generally 1 week but can be up to 4 weeks.

Estimate of charges (note though this is a guide for most models, some of the more intricate models can be higher than the estimates here):

Battery, seals and pressure test - $60 - $80 for most models
Replacement Bands (rubber) - $50 to $70 for most models
Replacement Bands (metal) - $80 - $110 for most models
Pins for bands - $7 for most models
Replacement of watch case - $80 - $120 for most models
Complete overhaul with a new module / movement in watch - $130