The PRG650Y/ PRG650YBE models feature ion-plated bezels. The PRG-650YBE comes with a band done in camouflage colours that fit right in with the safari concept. Function-wise, all three models are equipped with Neon Illuminator to provide easy reading of the time and function modes, even in the dark. Other basic functions include Triple Sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), one-touch measurement button, Tough Solar and more. Movable lug components add to a better fit and more comfort. Everything about these models is designed and engineered to create functions and designs for night time outdoor activities. Smart Access with an intuitive electronic crown switch and independent multi-motor drive of hour, minute and second hands for smoother operation Tough Solar Triple Sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature) Barometric pressure graph Barometric pressure alarm Low-temperature resistant (-10 degree celcius) SPECIFICATIONS A built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north. A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is converted to relative altitude. A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is shown on the display. A built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature. Celsius Only. The BAR value indicates the number of atmospheres to which water resistance is ensured. 10 BAR means water resistance to 10 atmospheres. Watches marked 100m have the same water resistance as 10 BAR watches. The timekeeping module is designed for operation at very low temperatures. The value indicates the lowest temperature at which the module will operate. -10ËšC resistance does not apply to the direction sensor. Cloth Band A luminous coating provides long-term illumination in the dark after only short exposure to light. Hard glass resists scratching. The crown screws into the case to ensure water resistance. Light emitting diodes illuminate the display with blue, green, light blue, pink, yellow, or white light. A solar cell provides power for operation. Displays approximate Moon phase based on date and time differentials. AGE = Moon age indicator (Moon age error: within 1 day) Tidal movements are displayed graphically based on your current latitude and longitude, and the lunitidal interval. Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world. R: Current time in major cities around the world Values indicate 30 cities/areas. Accurate measurement of elapsed time with the touch of a button. The fraction indicates the unit of measurement, while the time figure indicates the maximum time measurement. Counts down from a start time specified by you. The value indicates the number of timers available, while the time figure indicates the maximum starting time. REPEAT indicates Auto Repeat, which automatically restarts timing at the end of each countdown. Multi Alarm lets you set a daily alarm (time setting only), or an alarm for a specific time on a specific day (month, day, and time setting). The value indicates how many multi alarms are available. The hourly time signal causes the watch to beep every hour on the hour. Indicator shows the current battery level. The tone that sounds to signal a mode change or other operation can be turned on or off. Allowances are made automatically for months of different lengths, including leap year. Times can be displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format. Radio_Controlled


Brand Pro Trek

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